Now in Hansen House:


Unveiling of the Jerusalem Tower and a lecture by renowned Czech Architect Martin Rajniš (Nov. 10, 1PM) Read More


Sichat Khatach”: a contemporary design discourse organized by Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Thursday Nov. 9: Sarah Oslander. Strategic design in the public sector.

Thursday Nov. 16: Dov Ganshura. Design Prehistoric Contemporary Tools – case study.

Thursday Nov. 23: Ran Merkazi. Designer in rehab – from design to innovation management.

Thursday Nov. 30: Aya Bentur and Billy Regev. The human body as an interface.


“Playing with Food”

Art students from the Academy of Art and Design at Bezalel invite you to experience culinary arts like never before. This is fun for all ages!  In each workshop, the students will provide a new interpretation of art in food and culinary. Let’s eat with our hands! (Nov. 17, 10AM)


Creative Mornings JLM – Death with Bryan Steiner