In recent years, we have witnessed a change in the relationship between performance art and plastic art. Developments are reflected in theory and in practice, as avant-garde performance and body art penetrate the mainstream, galleries and museums collaborate with dance and theatre artists, famous performance artists are invited to perform in popular venues, and the public spheres become live art sites. Thus the boundaries between plastic arts and theatre and dance are in fact blurred, just as the boundary between center and margins is no longer obvious, together with the difference between historical-radical actions and mainstream.

In a series of encounters of the Erev Rav magazine, the differences in these fields of art are examined. An attempt is made to understand why such collaborations are evident particularly at this time, in what way they are different than historic collaborations, what are the challenges posed by new works of art for artists and viewers, and what is left behind on the path to fame. Each encounter includes two short lectures and a discussion, as well as videos:

First encounter: Between Performance and Show – about theatre, plastic arts and performance, and works combining different Medias and languages


Itzik Giuli – theatre and dance artist, creative director of the Israel Festival

Lior Waterman – artist

Eyal Weiser – director and playwright

Discussion leader: Dana Shalev, Erev Rav