Crown Cinema Online is the digital platform of the “Crown Cinema” exhibition that took place in Mamuta art and media center, in Hansen House.


During the exhibition Mamuta spaces became three single-viewer screening halls featured mostly films selected and screened over the past decade at the “Experimental Cinema and Video Art Competition” initiated by the Ostrovsky Family Fund along with other works peaked by Yehudit Shlosberg, The exhibition curator.  the in the framework of the Jerusalem International Film Festival. The competition is a unique space in the Israeli context for the screening of contemporary experimental video works.

Through subjects ranging from architecture and control, through history (real or imagined), utopias, distopias, Israeli reality, to the body and nature, and using an experimental cinematic language, the films are part of an ongoing dialogue, a critical or fantastic array of gazes on contemporary reality.

Crown Cinema Online platform affords a glimpse to excellent Israeli experimental films and video art works displayed in the exhibition.


Every Few days we will upload a couple of new works from the exhibition available for four days.


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Curator: Yehudit Shlosberg-Yogev