The Fablab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a CNC network for digital production in which anyone can fulfill his dreams with materials and enjoy making (almost) anything utilizing new technologies.

This is part of a network founded and run under the management of MIT University, which includes more than 400 centers around the world that share information on an open code base and engage in development, research and education.

This network exists as a part of the worldwide trend of “democrating” the design field with the view of allowing anyone to to connect with materials, to get to know the manufacturing process and become the maker instead of the consumer.

In “Hansen House” the Fablab also tries to facilitate access to the making and designing process for the community by creating workshops, classes and training at various levels of professional skills.

The lab is operated be “Machshava Tova” – a nonprofit organization which implements technology as a tool for narrowing the gaps in Israeli society.

The “Machshava Tova” team operates workshops and courses for the education, employment and social integration of adults and kids in the fields of 3d printing, laser cuts and more.