Ofaimme Farm

At the Ofaimme farm for Sustainable Agriculture we understand that the taste of our foods does not begin in the Kitchen but in the land in which it grows. This is why we adhere to strict organic standards as well as fair trade practice when we grow our vegetables, fruit and animals in the Negev Desert. 

Our handmade produce is crafted slowly using traditional techniques to create food that is tasty and healthy, guaranteed to be free of any type of genetic engineering, preservatives, pesticides and hormones.

 All of our products are manufactured and packaged with complete respect for the environment and for the people who take part in the creative process. We sow, harvest, pick, herd and milk with the help of workers and volunteers from Israel and around the world and together enjoy eating our meals from the fruits of our joint labor. We invite you to savor our foods and to take part in the move to flavorful, organic and environmentally conscious agriculture.

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