The renewal of Jerusalem, amongst other dramatic improvements throughout the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 19th century, drew much attention. In their writings, travelers, tourists, and researchers described the far-reaching changes in daily life: new public buildings were built, new roads paved, and contemporary living areas were created. Infrastructure was widened and improved, and like many other imperial cities, Jerusalem was transformed. 


The Master’s program in Urban Design, Bezalel, Jerusalem Development Authority, and Hansen House invite you to an exhibition, “Kudüs-i Sherif: a view at Jerusalem from Istanbul,” portraying the public sphere in Jerusalem from the perspective of the Ottoman Empire. The exhibition displays findings from The Prime Minister’s Archives in Istanbul (Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivi), retrieved through the “Jerusalem Archives” project in Bezalel. 


Research of the Ottoman Archives: Prof. Yonça Erkan, Füsun Alioğlu, Kadir Has University, Istanbul

Curatorship and Production: Ms. Yael Peretz and Ms. Noa Goldblatt

“Jerusalem Archives” project: Dr. Noah Hysler-Rubin

Writing and academic advisory: Dr. Tsameret Levy Dafni