Viewing Einat Tsarfati’s illustrations can be likened to a voyage at sea. From a distance, they appear as endless expanses of color, dotted with allusions to invisible secrets. Yet as one dares to dive into them, they reveal hidden worlds, scenes dense with detail, encounters and figures, memories and references to the culture left behind on dry land.


In order to read them fully, you have to focus on the journey rather than a single destination, daring to distance yourself from the safety of the land and venture into uncharted, open expanses. There, at sea, we meet Tsarfati herself – for her creative process resembles the experience of reading the work: she too loses herself in her illustrations, devoting herself to details and to the subconscious worlds she creates, while using one hand to grasp the end of the thread pulling her back to shore.


In this sense, Tsarfati’s illustrations are an invitation to dive alongside her into the depths of consciousness, where we are privileged to experience a direct and unmediated encounter with her world, which is also ours. On such a journey, the beauty and the joy is being far out at sea, and relinquishing our hold on reality. Only then can we trust Tsarfati to lead us back safely to stable ground.


“The Voyage to Nowhere” is an invitation to join Tsarfati on a journey into the ocean of her work, getting lost before returning to the point of departure and observing the voyage from the perspective of seasoned seafarers.

The exhibition features a new work composed of dozens of smaller works created by Tsarfati over the past decade. Together, they form a continuum of over 45 meters, and are woven together into a new story. Within this experiential space, children and parents can spend hours together, on a journey of discovery in the details.


Some of the illustrations have previously appeared in the following publications:
A Flood, a Snake and Two Arks, Meir Shalev, Keter Publishing;, An After Bedtime Story,Shoham Smith, Kinneret Publishing.
The Neighbors Einat Tsarfati Keter Publishing;
Sandcastle, Einat Tsarfati, Keter Publishing;
It Could be Worse, Einat Tsarfati, Keter Publishing;
“ça pourrait être bien pire”, Einat Tsarfati’ Edition Cambourakis
“I’m a Mess\ Je suis bordélique” Edition Cambourakis.
The series “Errors and Omissions Accepted[h1] ,” 2022 Outline Festival; posters for project DREAME; branding illustrations for SHI_SHI; “Dreamwork,” illustration for Globes magazine; illustration for Einayim magazine (Pockets issue);