Jerusalem Design Week, initiated by the Hansen House – Center for Design, Media and Technology, promoted by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Ministry for Jerusalem and Heritage and supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, will this year explore questions of time and will take place between the 23rd-30th of June, 2022, at the Hansen House in Jerusalem.

 In its 11th year and it’s 6th international edition, JDW continues to be Israel’s leading public design event, with over 40,000 visitors, 200 participating Israeli and International designers in over 40 events, exhibitions and installations, and new collaborations with leading local and international partners. JDW encourages new works with a non-commercial, theme-based emphasis and a cross-disciplinary approach in targeting new formats for exhibitions, performances and events.

Jerusalem Design Week 2022 calls on designers, curators and creators in all disciplines to submit proposals for new or existing works under this year’s theme and its structure (see below). The nature and scale of the works is flexible – single works, large scale projects, installations, exhibitions, performance works, outdoor installations etc.

Submissions will be accepted  until February 20th, 2022.


For more information please visit Jerusalem Design Week website: WWW.JDW.CO.IL