You are invited to enter the children’s books illustrated by Batia Kolton and Rutu Modan. Inside the exhibition, you can find illustrations, characters, and words that have left the page to wander around the room. You can explore the imaginary worlds illustrated in the books, meet the characters face to face, and take a look at the sketches in which Rutu and Batia created them.

This is an exhibition for children, designed to be seen from their point of view. We invite you all – big ones and little ones – to explore the space together, share your experiences, and tell one another what you have discovered.


Rutu Modan and Batia Kolton are comics artists, illustrators, and illustration teachers. In 1996, together with the illustrators Yirmi Pinkus, Itzik Rennert, and Mira Friedmann, they founded Actus – an independent comics publishing house that has garnered international recognition. Modan and Kolton have illustrated children’s books by Nurit Zarhi, Hanoch Levin, Etgar Keret, Shoham Smith, Oudeh Basharat, and others. They have jointly received the Israel Museum Ben-Yitzhak Award for the Illustration of a Children’s Book seven times, and their books have been translated into numerous languages. In 2017, Rutu and Batia opened the Kuntzi and Bobby Studio for Illustration and Great Fun.