These days, more than ever, seem to express an increasing passion to return – Back to normality, to times before the pandemic, to anything, no matter good or bad. 

Born out of a persistent refusal to the collective longing of erasing the past year, to influence on the time, or maybe to continue from the same point we stopped-  this project, a time capsule of an era long gone. Gone, yet very much alive in our collective memories. Our childhood collective memories are installed in a home-like living room frozen in the late eighties and early nineties. Within this pleasant, familiar room the past reanimates as an illusion of an eternal present.

This work was made for Jerusalem Design Week 2021 and remained in Hansen House as part of the summer exhibitions in the compound. Total Request Live, 30 Years Later invites you to remember, when among the slits of the images burden, the anticipation or the futility of nostalgia is fully revealed.