Sunday, 26/01/20, 19:30

A talk about water and the political power that runs through it: how healthy is the water that we drink? how the water tubes beneath us are channelled? and what are the stories that regulate the water policy to the people.

Emilie Glazer (UCL) is a British anthropologist exploring care and water infrastructure in Jerusalem. A current work-in-progress, it involves an ethnography which follows water quality scientists at the Gihon, and diverse interactions with water, healing and health across the city and beyond.

As part of her research, she came across Elad Orian, a physicist with a broad experience in renewable energy mini-grids. He is the Co-Founded and General Manager of Comet-ME, an Israeli-Palestinian organization providing basic energy and clean-water services to off-grid communities using environmentally and socially sustainable methods.

Following Itamar Mendes Flohr exhibition “That We’ve Forgotten The Rain” we will have a talk about the ethnography of water in Jerusalem and the off-grid villages around it.

*The exhibition will be open from 18:30