Timed Act is a group exhibition led by artists Tamir Erlich and Noy Haimovitz. The exhibition emerges from a process of successive work with artists, curators, and writers during two months of quarantine following the coronavirus crisis. The common thread is the artists’ choice to share their current work in these extraordinary times of a global pandemic. Each of the participating artists  presented a reactive work for BIDUD Residency, a digital platform that operated online from March 29 to May 16. Throughout the project, the participants responded in various ways to the limiting and changing reality. BIDUD created a sense of community, oddly characterized by extreme distance and separation. Timed Act is not a physical adaptation of BIDUD, but a continuation of the experiment in the present moment, when physical connection is made possible again. 


The Corona crisis set the future in the dark and created a sense of stagnation. It influenced the artistic themes and practice, and the way in which creative processes take place. The works in the exhibition refer to the way the restrictions affected our perception of time and space; Some deal with nostalgia, memory, a moment that never happened, others are prepare for a moment about to take place or are stuck in the loop.

 In the dark space, the works illuminate each other, some of them celebrate the ability to collaborate and work together, while others raise the reformulated uncanny experience of domestic spaces under a curfew.

Timed Act frames a particular moment in time and responds to its unique features. Instead of stretching and expanding in time, Timed Act seeks to exist as an enclosed time capsule. It constitutes an instantaneous, intuitive, shot in the dark. Its inception is limited, yet it occurs s whether it reaches its target or not. 


Participants: Talia Israeli, Nir Harel, Michal Helfman, Ido Gordon & Drora Domini, David Duvshani, Lior Zalmanson, Shahar Afek, Roy Brand, Ronnie Karfiol, Udi Edelman, Niv Fridman, Yasmin Caspin, Yael Frank, Oree Holban, Gili Sitton, Itamar Stamler, Omer Sheizaf, Ruth Patir, Shir Raz, Alex Ben-Ari, Matan Oren, Naama Bar-Or, Reouth Keren, Hilla Toony Navok


Production: Smadar Tzook