Wars are burnt on the collective memory as a collection of stories and photos, heroic acts and sublime moments. But in the private memory, war is a traumatic event, complete with black holes and lack of tolerance. In this exhibition we try to learn about the gaps between private and collective memory, touch the reminiscence of the battle experience, and the relationship between memory and history.

Participants: Uri Aloni, Reut Elad and Sagi Alter, Hili Greenfeld, Ron Dahan, Ben Shalom Davidi, Gideon Levin, Orit Mamrud, Amir Menasheof, Yoram Selbst, Shirel Safra, Elisha Porat, Yoav Friedlander, Shimron Perez, Uriya Tzahor, Yoram Kupermintz, and Assaf Shani.

This exhibition is part of Bezalel Academy’s master program in policy and theory of the arts.

Curator: Hadas Glazer

Curator assistant: Hamutal Wachtel