19.5, 19:00 – Beit Hansen and Villa Sherover

Show at Villa Sherover, an audiovisual show in the salon of the small villa and a food design project.


19.5, Thursday 11:30-17:00 – Henry Crowne Hall, Jerusalem Theater

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At the conference that will kick-off Design Week Jerusalem 2016 and this year’s theme – Combination – nine speakers will talk about their different fields of activity.  In accordance with the general theme, the speakers will also represent diverse cross-sections of connections between different design fields and disciplines.

Israeli speakers and international guests will address the conference and introduce their own distinctive studio work.


Beit Hansen and Villa Sherover.

The continuum of artwork at Beit Hansen will represent young designers from Israel and overseas.  This artwork paints a picture of contemporary design that responds to the era in which technology has put an end to traditional hierarchies and enabled us to reevaluate our sources for gathering content and information, their increasing accessibility and the ability of all of these to create a result that is unique to the human and physical environment in which it exists.

Among the those who will exhibit are Studio Glithero, Domestic Data Streamers, Studio Mischer’traxler, Mecaniques Discursives, Ronit Levitt and Romi Mikolinsky, etc.

The Main Exhibition Visiting Hours:

19.5,         Thursday, 19:00-23:00

20.5,        Friday, 10:00-16:00

21.5,         Saturday, 10:00-22:00

22-26.5   Sunday to Thursday, 12:00-23:00


The exhibition at Villa Sherover creates a situation report regarding the faces of Israeli designers through their representative artwork and the conditions that have led to their creation.  This cross-section may not provide us with an in-depth understanding of the characteristic that defines Israeli design.  However, perhaps we can learn a thing or two about the energy invested in the very existence of Israeli design, against all odds.  And what could be more Israeli than that?

The exhibiters include:  Omer Pollack and Aviel Abudraham, Yonatan Assulin, Michal Hidsh, Dana Shapira, Tzofnat Cohen, Liza Luria and Avishai Levi, Rafi Gabai, Liora Heshin and Yasmin Vinograd, Dror Rosenberg, Nirit Binyamini, Esther Bar, Itamar Paluja, Uri Elyashar, Maor Aharon, Avishai Lapid, Shir Senior, Aya Zahavi, Lilach Shatiat, AAA, etc.

Visiting Hours:

19.5,                Thursday, 19:00-23:00

21.5,                Saturday, closed

22-26.5           Sunday to Thursday, 12:00-23:00




For the first time in Israel, an exhibition of contemporary Iranian posters will be on display at the Jerusalem Museum for Islamic Art.  The posters feature graphic art and calligraphy at their best.  These posters were designed by 27 artists, recognized in Iran and around the world, and they express Iran’s rich culture over the past 40 years from social, political, female and cultural aspects.

The exhibition’s curators:  Mr. Yossi Lemel, Ms. Martha Silvestora

Exhibition opens:  19.5.2016

Closes:  19.11.2016

Extended visiting hours during the first month (23.5-21.6:  Sundays – closed; Mondays to Thursdays:  10:00 to 20:30)


21.5    Saturday – all day – Hansen Fablab Activity in the historical garden.  The activity is designed for the entire family. Creating a combination zoo – a sheep with a trunk and a donkey with antlers.

22.5   Sunday – 20:30    Gai Ben Hinnom Choir – Performance

23.5   Monday – 21:00   Performance by Neta Weiner

24.5   Tuesday – 21:00   Iranian Party in the patio of the Iranian Embassy in Jerusalem (Hamabul Collective)

Throughout the entire week during the hours of activity, there will be an ASUFA pop-up store and café in the loft of Hansen House.


The design groups from the Jerusalem Design Cooperative are building a Rube Goldberg Machine in collaboration with schools from all sectors.

Design that serves as a bridge that unites cultures, religions and communities, through an activity of a group of designers from the Jerusalem Design Cooperative and youth from various schools.  They will sketch, design and build a Rube Goldberg machine (a cause and effect machine) to be installed and operated in the southern section of the First Station Compound.  To be supervised by Ram Spinoza and friends.

Activity hours:

Thursday, 19.5        Machine will be operated at 15:30

Friday, 20.5             Machine will be operated three times   10:00|12:00|14:00

Saturday, 21.5         Machine will be operated three times   10:00|12:00|14:00

Sunday, 22.5           Opening Event at 17:00

Monday, 23.5          Machine will be operated twice   11:00|17:50

Tuesday, 24.5          Machine will be operated twice   11:00|17:50


The Designers’ Compound and the Bezalel Schatz Pedestrian Walkway

As part of the Jerusalem Design Week, the area located between Bezalel and Schatz Streets in the city center will display its unique interpretation of design:  

A pop-up store will be opened for one week only – and will sell shirts with prints created by designers |  Design Parliament  |  Fashion Show  |  Exhibition in the shop windows  |  Design Party, etc.

Activity hours:

Thursday, 19.5, 17:00 –‘Designers in the City’ – a pop-up store opened for just one week will sell shirts printed with illustrations created by designers from the compound and other selected designers.

Thursday, 19.5, 17:30 – Designers’ displays in store windows on Bezalel – Schatz Streets.

Thursday, 19.5, 17:30 – Tour and cocktails in honor of the Butterflies Project in the Bezalel-Schatz Compound, during which time, the street will be decorated with a display of tens of thousands of colorful butterflies.

Friday, 20.5, 10:00 – Schatz Parliament – A meeting of academics on the subject of design in the Bezalel courtyard.

Friday, 20.5, 11:00 – Design Party in the courtyard of Bezalel Academy.

Tuesday, 24.5, 18:00 – Fashion Show starting from the Designers in the City compound to the Bezalel-Schatz Pedestrian Walkway.

 Wednesday, 25.5   Machine will be operated twice   11:00|17:50

Thursday, 26.5       Machine will be operated twice   11:00|17:50


Design Week is the initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority and it has been held at Beit Hansen for the past five years.  This year, the event has been expanded and will be held at additional venues throughout the city and will feature designers from Israel and overseas, which are in keeping with Israel’s main design event.  As part of this event, exhibitions of Israeli and international designers will be displayed at Beit Hansen and Villa Sherover; there will be a professional conference at Jerusalem Theater; collaborations with design academies in Jerusalem and other cities; community based projects; performances, workshops and sessions.

The main theme of this year’s Design Week is Combination.  In recent years, the world has been experiencing revolutionary changes and fluctuations.  Alongside a continuum of technological revolutions, we have experienced economic, social, political, defense and ecological upheavals at an ever-growing rate.  As an agent of this reality, the designer must change accordingly and adopt new strategies for activity in order to cope with a continuously changing world.  In order to exist in such a fluctuating environment, the designer must take the initiative, be interdisciplinary in nature, adapt quickly and work well in a team.  These qualities have characterized the work of Israeli designers since the very beginning.

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The Balcony:  The Roof to New Urbanity

As part of the Design Week, the Balcony (Hamirpeset) will be opened to the public.  The Balcony is the new home of the Muslala Group on the roof of the Clal Building.  The Balcony is comprised of a central multi-use space and four content stations that offer workshops and events open to the public at large, on subjects related to art, sustainability and community.

Activity Hours:  Sun. – Thurs.  12:00-22:00

Kick-off Party:  Fri.  11:00-16:00

Special events to be held daily at 20:30:  Discussion on Urbanity, sessions with artists, Spoken Word, etc.

Activity for children daily at 17:00:  Workshops and lectures – daily at 19:00.



At the entrance to the Clal Building, on the Jaffa Street level, an activity compound will be built by artist Yaakov Sasson, where the Nahalata Group will run arts and crafts workshops.  During the week, objects in need of an artistic/ design update may be brought to the compound.

Friday, May 20th, 11:00-16:00 – Kick-off Carnival

Activity Hours:  Sunday to Thursday – 12:00 to 20:00

The workshops will begin at 15:00:  Amazing design workshops, purse making, clothing upgrade, etc.

Daily tours will leave from the compound at 16:30.




The Bloomfield Science Museum

The museum will offer a workshop on building with assorted materials, and as part of the Design Week, the workshop will host design students and architects who will design and build models onsite.  The public is invited to take part in the building experience.  During the Design Week, there will be an ‘Under Construction’ Event – featuring a variety of workshops, demos and a huge fair with building games for the entire family.

Among the various activities:  An amazing building games fair, an exhibition of ‘Why Buildings Don’t Fall” – Aggregate Construction, etc.

Activity Hours:

Monday to Thursday          10:00 – 18:00

Friday                                    10:00 – 14:00

Saturday                                10:00 – 16:00

Amit Zoran’s Laboratory

Amit Zoran will open his innovation lab to the public, especially for Design Week, offering a glimpse into selected experiments and products that combine the world of digital production and mathematical models with culinary art and handicrafts.

Activity Hours:

Monday to Wednesday       17:00 – 19:00

At 17:15 and 18:15, there will be a presentation at the Computer Science Building at the university.



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Coming soon to Beit Hansen:


Professional Conference at the Jerusalem Theater

The Jerusalem Theater, Henry Crowne Hall

19.5, Thursday   11:30-17:00

At this conference that will open the Jerusalem Design Week – Combination 2016, nine speakers will present various fields of activity.  In keeping with the general theme, the speakers will also represent various cross-sections of combinations of different design fields and disciplines.

The group of speakers will offer a broad and diverse picture of the global contemporary design activity and local Israeli design activity, with the focus on the rapid changes taking place in the world and the field of design.

Presenter:  Adi Engelman

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The Israeli speakers will focus on the nature of the local design activity, with an emphasis on CombiNation, a method that uses the ‘COMBINA’ approach (using the system to your advantage), in the absence of organized and established systems, as a creative way to work and to bypass cumbersome systems.

Dan Handel, curator of the Israel Museum’s Design and Architecture Department, will speak about the blurred boundaries between the various design fields and the way they are presented in museum exhibits; Galit Gaon will present a comprehensive look at the local activity – past and present – as part of her work in recent years as Chief Curator at the Design Museum Holon; Dov Ganshro will speak about his joint studio work with the late Ami Derekh; and technological entrepreneur, Eden Shochat, will speak about his work that is based on building collaborative community platforms for entrepreneurs and makers.

The international guests who will exhibit at the conference (and some will also display their work at the Design Week’s main exhibition at Beit Hansen) will present their diverse studio work:  London’s Studio Glithero will present the versatile work with commercial clients and installations; representatives of the London Assemble Group, winners of the Turner Art Prize, will speak about the group’s work on social architectural projects that integrate the community and work that is tailored to the location; the Viennese Studio Mischer’traxler will speak about the interactive design and multidisciplinary work; Domestic Data Streamers of Barcelona will speak about data-based work and creating installations that include the public; and Professor Kent Larson (in cooperation with Bezalel’s Urban Design Department) will speak about his research at MIT on the subject of urban changes in the city of the future and autonomic cars.


  • Domestic Data Streamers – Barcelona, Spain
  • Studio Glithero – London, England
  • Studio Mischer’traxler – Vienna, Austria
  • Kent Larson – MIT, U.S.
  • Assemble – London, England
  • Galit Gaon – Israel
  • Dov Ganshro – Israel
  • Dan Handel – Israel
  • Eden Shochat – Israel


11:30-12:00            Gathering

12:20-12:40            Maria Lisogorskaya and Paloma Sterlitz – Studio Assemble

12:40-13:00            Eden Shochat

13:20-14:20            Recess

14:20-14:40            Tim Simpson – Studio Glithero

14:40-15:00            Dov Ganshro

15:00-15:20            Pau Garcia Sanchez – Domestic Data Streamers

15:20-15:40                        Recess

15:40-16:00            Dan Handel

16:00-16:20            Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler – Studio Mischer’traxler

16:20-16:40            Professor Kent Larson